Therapies and Trainings I Provide

Sessions are of two hours or can be done through distance. All sessions follow a process of meditation and telepathy with the soul. In distance healing, you are not required to be there . You will be healed astrally and the guidance will be informed through wattsapp or email.

Solutions which help you feel happy and healthy, will be downloaded from your spirit guides, for events affecting your trauma and you will be given specific meditation exercises and switch codes for follow-up healing.

Healing Sessions :

Theta Healing ( through distance healing , in person or phone )

Theta Healing is a deep soul healing session where you connect to God's consciousness as an energy being  and converse with your angels and your spirit guides to take blessings and guidance . You can also take information from the akashik records and your soul guides ..This session can make you feel very optimstic and relaxed if you are in a habit of meditation.

The session is programmed for your highest and best good and you get healing to synchronize with your soul plan and take actions to realize your deepest desires with  guidance from your spirit guides  . The session will also help to release your karmic entanglememts that no longer increase your positivity. The session helps you understand your karma, and soul lessons. It makes you realize that suffering is not a solution 

The Energy Healing involved  helps in heaing relationships, understanding seperation, removing unipolar  depression , helps in controlling physical  health problems  like asthma, diabetes or sinusitis etc.

The connection is  activated  by the therapist though a series of meditative steps that can take an hour snd healing is subsequent.. The process is a meditative process which incresaes your mental focus and clarity of goals ..


Energy Shower healing, Energy Cord Cutting, Past life therapy, Angel healing , Age Regression , NLP may be included , as required.

It can be a distance healing sesssion or in person or on phone . It is an intense session. Spirit guides may recommend changes in thinking patterns and specific positive thinking exercises. 


Guidance can continue coming after the session for 2 or 3 days  and will be sent to you.

For distance / remote, phone sessions or physical sessions , fee is 100 USD per hour. 

A Healing session  can take about 2 to 5 hours , depending on your list of problems.  A number of issues can be combined and the healing time varies according to the complexities involved. You can take more than one session depending on your requirements. More healing means more solutions.  

 Healing happens in astral planes in no time - no space zones.


You can check Deep Soul Healing Packages on 

www. pastliferegressiontherapy-shivaswati. com

Tarot and Crystal Angel Card Reading

Tarot cards and crystal cards  help in making choices , in relationships, health , work and in soul ascension.

Crystal cards are like angel cards . They help you understand your life journey , current phase of problems and how to overcome them... 

Three to Five Tarot and Crystal Cards can be chosen .

Session can be taken through wattsapp or distance healing or in person . 

Session can include healing, energy cord  cutting,, spirit release and guidance for work, studies  or relationships.


Spiritual Teaching/ Psychic Reading/Thought Reading/Character Reading/Photo

You can talk to clear your confusions or get clarity and support.

Mind reading, photo reading, relationship readingetc. 

You can ask questions

I answer the questions through distance healing by asking your soul, past lives, subconscious mind, ,angels and higher self.

Photo reading is included. Tarot and crystal reading can also be used simultaneously.

Answers help you clarify past doubts, choices, future expectations.

You can keep asking questions  in a  psychic  readingnswer session upto 3 hours. Answers come with healing energy and guidance , which comes from your subconscious mind ,  angels and guides.

Spirit release or  energy cord cutting maybe required in a psychic reading. A healing can take 1 to 5 hours  depending in your requirements . 

Psychic Reading helps to see the invisible causes of a problem by accessing the subconscious mind and the aura of a person .

It deciphers what is not visible to the eyes.

It helps to see emotions, moods, underlying feelings , past life issues , spirit attachments, soul child fragmnents, anger, hurt etc.

It is useful to read the character of another person who you maybe involved with or working with .

It also helps in relationship poblems, to find the innermost thoughts of  a person. 

It helps in future reading based on your current choices and mind-set .


It is better to send the photo of the person who you are asking about alongwith your own photo by email or on whattsapp.


Phone Counselling: Integration of Spirituality & Psychology

Its a life perspective  changing process where you get unexpected answers as solutions . Investment of one hour can help you improve all aspects of your life as holistic development is aimed at .

Counselling includes integration of therapies such as : Spiritual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Negative Thinking Energy, Spirit Attachment Release, Inner Child Healing , Rational Emotiove Behaviour Therapy ( REBT) , Energy Cord Cutting ,  Diet Planning  etc. , as required individually.

Counselling sessions are meant to understand how to understand the cause of internal sad feelings or external  behaviours and consequences of current emotional problems like stress, anxiety and depression etc. A link is created between Intention - Action - Outcome so that choices in life are made to attain a certain outcome by a specified method. Existing thinking or ambitions are analysed, reinforced or discarded where the outcome desired does not match the feeling desired or cannot be attained by the plan of  action taken..

The session aims that  you realize that satisfaction which you desire practically or leave the desire that cannot satisfy you or be satisfied by your action through using energy healing methods.. The session  clears doubts and raises your  self esteem.. By using parts integration,  internal conflicts are reduced, priorities of life are clarified sequentially  and dysfunctional thinking patterns are discarded, so that  everyday  patterns can be changed to positive, appropriate behaviours can be chosen over conditioned habits and the desired goal can be practically implemented .


Alternatively, .counsellin targets specific problem areas and finds alternative solutions . It implements specific healing methods  to  increase inner strength  to overcome difficult circumstances.It uses methods such as  self help CBT, visualization , self monitoring and future projection. 

Integration of spirituality and psychology is used.. 

Quick healing sessions  can also be taken for psychic reading , energy cord cutting or discussing any issue in person, on phone or whatsapp.

Fees is $100 usd for an hour .

Session can take one to 5 hours depending depending your decision,  and fees increases according to the number of hours used up.

Session can Include spirit release  Or move onto a past life session if antecedants are not found in present life.. . 

Past life Reading ,Answers From God and Masters

In these sessions, Answers are taken from  Akashik records, with the help of masters, angels, God  and advanced spirit guides  to provide most clear , practical , God"s perspective ,realistic  solutions for your problems..

Intention is for your higher good and best solution possible given your life plan, circumstances and karmic debts .


If you need more help, or healing or Rescripting through which the future can be changed to more positive , soul healing past life , black magic removal sessions will be required through soul healing past life regression sessions, Theta Healing or Distance Healing sessions.


NLP and Time Line therapy sessions

All questions, photos and problems need to be shown or sent online or emailed in detail.

NLP sessions - Aim at healing through using techniques which delete painful memories or change internal representation of the person to positive.

Time line therapy is also used with NLP that helps in seeing the future given present choices, finding which goals do no help in increasing satisfaction, releasing unnecessary desires and setting goals which help the person be happy.and healthy.


Energy exchage is 74.usd or Rs.   5000 for one hour and rs.4000 for every additional hour.


NLP is  a quicker, effective  process of deep healing .

It is usually a part of all past life regression sessions along with Reiki, theta healing and hypnotherapy  .


Information Needed Before therapy

Your information is useful to get your subconscious mind activated in healing therapy which helps you be positive automatically  from within.  Therapy is prigrammed for your highest and best good .

Your Informatiom has to be truthful or therapy does not work fully as your subconscious mind rejects faulty information. Specific Meditation prescribed during session is  required after therapy for healing to be maintained. It takes about one minute before sleeping and after getting up early morning  . You may also require specific targetted meditation for about 10 -20 minutes anytime you are free .

All data which includes photos and confidential secrets  will be erased after therapy.You can also give your confidential information verbally without writing.

Therapy is holistic and addresses healing of energies from your soul and subconscious mind. Your location helps you be identifioed in spirit inm soul healing therapy . Email is usually needed to send PDF books and phone number fopr passing on any information coming from spirots guides after therapy is over .

In depth, information is required to find the exact, specific trigger of a negative pattern of life. There can be transfer of several layers of energy coding from people and experiences that have affected your past . There is  also a need to understand your future goals and what can prevent or manifest your ambitoons for healing your energy neuropathways and  emotional circuits  in the present.





Marital Status 

Phone number, email  and location


Emotional problems

Physical problems 

Spiritual problems 

Dream Disturbances , Any Repetitive or lingering dream sequences

Any Relationship Problems  With Parents, Spouse , Relatives, Friends , Siblings, Children , at work aplace etc.

Past Relationships, lovers,any haunting dreams or memories

Children (alive and aborted.) 

Family members 

Dead members in the family,relatives or friends 



Obstacles faced

Traumas experienced

Reasons or Non Explainable  Feelings Of Accumulated Anger Or Sadness ( Fight  or Flight )

Conflicts in mind 

Choice of Decisions 

Any other relevant information

Photos of all involved .


Dream Interpretation

Dreams often give warnings or messages that your soul wants you to hear to heal your life . When you interpret dreams, you may reveal secrets of your own subconscious mind that will help you solve perplexing mysteries of your current life . You may alos hear spirits of your ancestors who give you lpove and affection. You may a,lso get visits from spirits who need to be released into light 


Dreams may need to be interpreted in depth for finding clarity in life purpose .

Often , past life therapy or age regression Mayne required in dream interpretation.  It usually requires spirit release of the situation seen in the dream with understanding the subcnsvioys messages underlined .

Session may last 1 or 3 hours . You will need to take rest before after the session as it requires intensive energy work. Alcohol and non vegetarian food need to be avoided from 24 hours before session till the session as over as heavy foods block flow of  visuals and subconscious clarity .

It is Rs. 7000 or 100 usd per hour .

Distance - Theta, Reiki- Soul Healing Sessions

This is a distance healing session where you have to receive the healing at a subconscious healing process . .. 


Distance healing sessions aim at improving health and happiness through soul healing . It can be done without your physical participation through astral and theta planes.  It can take several days of focus as messages and questions continue through the day and later also, if questions are asked. Or it heals silently..


It is Rs 8000 per hour or 100 USD for each hour.

Distance Theta Healing includes a combination of all healing modalities viz. telepathy, psychic intuitions, spirit guides counselling, angel therapy, reiki, theta healing, energy cord cutting, psychic surgery, aura cleansing, age regression, inner child healing, theta healing , past life regression, spirit release. 

 Angel messages may come through out the day if you ask questions mentally,and will be passed onto you through wattsapp or email, as per your preference. Mind control Exercises and switch codes  may also  be given as required.


Healing goes on beyond time and space,  after the session. Angels and spirit guides help in healing . Suggestions or guidance can come at any time of the day other than the allotted healing time. Some self help exercises have to be done by the client for 1-20 minutes  after healing is done for continued wellbeing.

You cannot hide facts or disobey the therapist and get results . Your healing is your own responsibility and is affected by your everyday karmic choices .You should ask God  for good healing as law of attraction has to be kept at an accurate receiving frequency within the soul self.


Karmic debt exists if you have killed as a soldier or fighter ,betrayed due to issues of  disagreement or hurt another by accident or intention and if you have committed suicide in a past life  ; and you will attract the same sad feelings till awareness dawns and you change your core values which is facilitatd through evolution of consciousness through healing.

These sessions can help in black magic removal and healing chronic difficulties .



This therapy is for soul healing.There is no guarantee given for how the outcome of the session is perceived by your mind. It can be neutral or positive depending on your responses, understanding and  perspective.

Your decision to take the session is purely your responsibility.

Catharsis or instant healing happens for some people.

In other cases, healing can take a few days, weeks, months,  or years .Guidance and meditation given have to be followed for healing to happen and be maintained.

 Your subconscious mind may give information or guidance that could bring about positive change . This may include changing some habits of thinking or changing a situation of life that is trigerring a problem. 

This therapy is intended for helping in meditation puposes  and is not a replacement for other alternative therapies or medical treatments. This therapy is not responsible for any negative happenings or mishaps occuring in the client's personal life. 


Although the therapist will be supportive and helpful as possible in all decision making and change processes, any resulting choices and changes made by the client  remain the personal and legal responsibility of the client.

Crystal Gazing

This session helps you find about your past lives, Akashik records, making choices , clearing confusion and find out future timelines depending on your present choices.


Akashik Records & Life Between Life Sessions

The Hall of Records, also called the Hall of Akashic Records is the hall where the records about all our lives are stored in full detail. It is like a Karmic library in heaven. Any life we need to review can be found there.

The lives are stored systematically. Each theme of lives has a separate record book. For example, if our main soul lesson is learning to cultivate patience, then there would be a separate record book which shows the number of lives we have lived to learn patience.

During a hypnotic session, the records can be visualized in the form of doorways to make the process easier.

When a person goes into the Hall of Doorways, he sees the records of his lives in the form of separate doors. There are a number of doors, indicating the number of lives the person has already lived for achieving the purpose of life which the soul wants to achieve in this present life.

Usually, people live four to twelve lives in one theme. Hence, they may see several doors there.


 It is used to see the :

Pre-life planning stage of the current lie

Choice of life purpose

Soul lessons from parents, siblings, education institutions etc.

Obstacles to be overcome as part of life-plan

Future Progression

Age Regression/ Inner Child Healing - Removing Addictions & Craving

Inner Child Healing, Age Regresion,  womb healing  and healing the shadow self are very effective for dissolving the needs for addictions and cravings.  Other than helping in uplifting confidence , self esteem and optimism.

This proces helps in removing deep rooted sadness, inner conflict,healing incest memories , healing feelings of abuse experienced in childhood, healing subconscious trauma of sickness or accidents , parents or  relatives' or friends' disapproval, energy cord cutting with energy domination of authoritative figures at an invisible level, removal of negative energy of past lovers  , healing of trauma due to rape, mental and physical trauma, healing of depression , any other experience of  hurt, anxiety,neglectetc. It helps in increasing clarity, self - confidence, self love , self respect, self esteem ,focus and concentration.


The average sessions is 3 hours. It can take 2 to 5 hours along with spirit release, theta healing and past life therapy.  

Spirit Releasement sessions

You can release spirits of entities and attachments from present or past life. 

Session is confidential.If possible, plesse send  photos of all involved,  family , friends and deceased people  needs to be shown online or  in person. These will be deleted after session.


Spirit Release sessions - are highly recommended for communicatoon with loved ones, healing sadness or sickness after a death, especially if death has been sudden, or if you have a chronic negative thinking pattern or scary dreams or if someone died recently amongst your friends or family or if there has been a murder or suicide . Spirits may seek release through you if they appear in your thoughts often or if you feel very sad.

 You can get it done through remote healing or meet the spirit, heal and then let go. The spirit can go to God, another parallel body , rebirth and also ,be  your spirit guide. Past lives of the spirit have to be healed and released in a case of possession or dee attachments.

It helps in significantly healing grief. 


It can be done on distance / phone/ in person session for healing of the spirit, communication and release of trauma from the life of the  spirit and your present life. You cannot find out details like phone numbers, bank accounts, addresses , school name these are data of the mind not the soul.

Spirit release is also part of every past life regression as past lives of spirits come up if you do not release them previously. 

 The spirit release particularly helps  if you have a desire to die or have severe depression, unanswered questions, sleeplessness, fears, phobias, anxiety, extreme restlessness, suicidal thoughts or bad dreams.

Spirits or thought patterns of dead relatives, friends or unknown people who you may have heard of  in passing and sympathised with ,  animals and aliens, get released to light in these sessions through a process of hypnodrama , psychic surgery, form   imagery and energy cord cutting.

This session helps the healing of the dead alongwith your healing by the help of God, angels and crystals. Spirits are sent to light of God , rebirth or heaven. Human rebirths are seen alongwith animal rebirth after healing the soul.

Past Life Regression Therapy with Life Coaching


Sessions are designed specifically for your specific  needs of positivity, and also increase confidence and overall positivity.

Your conflicts are resolved and solutions are given



Deep Soul Past life healing starts with working  around one problem and then heals several problems holistically.


Past life regression with deep soul healing helps you choose automatic positvity from within for your lifetime with simple maintainence exercises. 

Each session is atleast of 2-3 hours of healing and counselling. 

Session helps overtime even if you cannot see the help immediately. It can take upto 6 months depending on the problem. Life turns for positive if specific guidance is followed.


Each session involves 11-15 healing methods  integrated in each session. Hence,answers are guaranteed.

A session is of minimum two hours.

You will get healing in the first session itself. First session gives answers, cures the problem or guides further cure for your clarity and higher positivity.



Where there is depression or  chronic anxiety or black magic is continuing from past lives, further 3-5 sessions are required. You may need 10-15 sessions in cases of chronic anxiety or depression or phobia.



You can discuss your problems in detail before each session.. Sessions are confidential.


 Healing is holistic and for life. You are given specific prescribed meditation to maintain the healing in the future.




 Therapy  heals for a lifetime and over future lifetimes. Crystals are used for healing .


 Your soul path clears and you  come closer to your original destiny after the healing is done in past life sessions. 

Peace and clarity comes in, confidence rises.

This is professional work. 

Please take appointment  in advance.

Hypnotherapy sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions - are a part of all soul healing sessions. These are guided meditation sessions which help you access your subconscious mind to get a desired outcome. The hypnotherapy process is used in all past life sessions and age regression sessions for induction.

The subconscious mind only understands stories, colours. tunes and symbols . For obtaining a desired result, a consensus has to be reached between the subconscious mind and the person's conscious mind. Usually, it is found that all problems have a positive intention which aims at helping a person become more powerful from within while understanding his own needs as contrasted with values taken over from society. 

Mind control exercises are given after the session for increading positivity .

It helps to practise   daily progressive  relaxation methods, stress release routine  and reduce automatic  negative thinking by healing energy stuck in   memories of trauma alongwith energy cord cutting, aura and inner child healing or age regression, desensitization, Psychic surgery etc. 

Energy Cord Cutting (Healing From Relationships )

Energy Cord Cutting involves reclaiming soul positivity. 


It has to be done with old lovers, prostitutes, casual encounters  or any deep/ sexual exchange where you want to be free after the act. Till you cut energy cords, emotional or energy residue remains  in the brain and causes increasing  feelings of emptiness or depression overtime.


In a marriage or relationships or with parents or with siblings or at work, energy cord helps feel detached from insult and more positive or  successful. Energy cord cutting is done for cutting patterns of emotional trauma or excessive feelings of humiliation or dependence  on another by breaking  the emotional energy power cord between two people, subconsciously to reduce the emotional control or impact of abuse of one person on the other .

This process is needed to heal from painful relationships. 

This does not remove the person from your life necessarily . It only removes the emotional control of the person on you . It helps to increase your self confidence .

It also helps to remove energies of the other person's karma , or sadness or  anger from the past which maybe dominating your head . 

The cord can be rebuilt anytime you need to reconnect to the person . 

This can be done for living peopleor dead people. For dead people, it includes spirit release. 

The energy cord needs to be cut with exchange of soul fragmnets to bring back your positive power into your body and release the other person's energy residing automatically in you . 

This process can be done by the self daily after therapy, also, subsequently, after the session till you feel there us a need for  the abusive control of the person on you to break down . It can take 3 or 6 months of regular energy cord cutting to feel freedom in an oppressive emotionaly controlling relationship.

This process is very useful for getting over trauma of divorce or seperaton or to stay in a  detached manner with a ritualistic marriage or with  abusive people on a daily basis.


Energy Cord Cutting takes about an hour. It can take 1 to 3 hours, depending on number of people involved . If past lives are attached, more time is needed. Some people need only energy cord cutting and spirit release of dead relatives,  suicide cases or dead friends,  for healing. It's a powerful healing process .

Payment can be made through cash , paytm or paypal . 

Consultation can be done through wattsapp , phone , email ( distance healing ) or in person . 



Training and Teaching :

Reiki Master Training

USUI REIKI  methods are taught for self healing and teaching others . Aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, distance healing, Reiki symbols  . and improving psychic abilities are taught as a part of teaching REIKI .



It would take about 8 hours over 2 days.  

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training

USUI REIKI healing methods are used for training and teaching . Aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, distance healing and improving psychic abilities are taught as a part of teaching REIKI . Reiki is the alphabet of all spiritual healing.

Energy Exchange is Rs. 4400  for level 1. It will take about  2 hours. You will have to practise about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours meditation daily for 21 days before taking level 2. 34 chakras have to be awakened. Aura cleabsing, Chakra cleansing. Food and water programming for positivity, shielding from negativity, energy cord cutting,  grounding and meditation will be taught with practise. 


Rs. 8800 for level 2. It will take about  4 hours to teach . Meditation needs to be done at home for about 22 minutes daily . Ficus will ve on 7 main chakras , distance healing and reiki symbols. 

Rs.11100 for level 3. It will take about 4 to 5 hours. There are 17 symbols given, explanation of crystal therapy, shadow healing and Karuna reiki. 

Rs. 15000 for level 3 and 4. It will take about 5 to 6 hours. You will learn how to yse colour therapy and how to  attune others. 

You can teach after level 4 .

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