This therapy is for soul healing. there is no guarantee given for how the outcome of the session is perceived by your mind. it can be neutral or positive depending on your responses, understanding and perspective.

Your decision to take the session is purely your responsibility.

Catharsis or instant healing happens for some people.

In other cases, healing can take a few days, weeks, months, or years. guidance and meditation given must be followed for healing to happen and be maintained.

Your subconscious mind may give information or guidance that could bring about positive change. this may include changing some habits of thinking or changing a situation of life that is triggering a problem.

This therapy is intended for helping in meditation purposes and is not a replacement for other alternative therapies or medical treatments. this therapy is not responsible for any negative happenings or mishaps occurring in the client's personal life.

Although the therapist will be supportive and helpful as possible in all decision making and change processes, any resulting choices and changes made by the client remain the personal and legal responsibility of the client.

All information given by the client is kept confidential. If any information is used for study / research /general awareness/ karmicpurposes the name and identity of the client will be kept a secret and not be revealed unless the client requests.


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