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Shiva Swaati @ Dr. Swati R Shiv is a psychic, author, Energy healer , Clinical Psychologist, Soul Empowerment guide and Emotional Management therapist, since 15 years.

She has professional training   in psychology, psychotherapy, applied behaviour analysis, Advanced Theta Healing, hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP and other healing modalities.

She is a certified hypnotherapist, past life therapist, Reiki Master,  Nlp master practitioner, DNA 2 Theta Healer. She is  masters in clinical psychology , has a one year diploma  in applied behaviour analysis and a one year diploma in Guidance and Counselling. 

She specializes in healing emotional or physical problems with unknown causes. She has been practicing hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, pranik healing, NLP, spirit release, life between life counseling, reiki and past life therapy since 2005.

Her work focuses on teaching how to be peaceful and happy while helping clients connect with their souls . She works at healing physical diseases like asthma, diabetes, spondylitis etc. , relationship conflicts, confidence problems, removal of phobias, negative spirit attachments etc.

She works for spreading God's light and channels a rainbow soul . In her free time, she meditates intensively and downloads information in silent conversations with cosmic light. The purpose of her life is to help change the educational structure of the world so that everyone feels free to be happy, in peace and healthy , as an outcome of a habit to focus on positive feelings, from childhood. She is a fragment of an enlightened, multi-dimensional soul, working for upliftment of human consciousness to a higher positive frequency in tune with cosmic awakening energy of the NEW AGE.




Shiva Swati Has professional training in the following listed modalities of healing :


Masters in Clinical Psychology. Delhi University, India. 

One year Diploma in Guidance and Counselling from Zamia Millia University. 

Registered Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicine, (Hypnotherapy (Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata,2006)


3.5 years Training encompassing Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki & Related Skills (2004 -2008) :

8 months + 80 hours Training in Applied Behavior Analysis :

Certificate in Learning to Learn - Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Needs Children (16 weeks Online & Video Applied Coursework - Behavior Analysts, Inc.Usa,2004)

Certificate in Understanding and Changing Problem Behaviors (16 weeks Online & Video Applied Coursework - Behavior Analysts, Inc.USA,2004)

80 Hours of Attended Workshops on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy in children with special needs (2003-2005)


1100 hours Professional Training in Hypnotherapy and associated fields:


120 hours NLP Training
 Certificate as Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP- 2006, ABNLP -American Board of NLP)

Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (Time Line Therapy Association TM, USA)

472 hours Training in Hypnotherapy:

3rd Level Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (by Dr. Sunny Satin, California Hypnosis Institute(2005), American Hypnosis Association, USA 2006) – Training in 3 levels of Hypnotherapy & Quantum Hypnotherapy (200 hours)

48 hours training in Age Regression & Current Life Regression on Physical Traumas (TASSO INSITUUT, recognized by The International Board of Regression), Psychic reading .

32 hours Training in Tarot Card Reading and Psychic Reading (   USA)

120 hours Training in Past life Regression Therapy:
Certified in 3rd Level Past Life Regression Therapy (2006-2008, Trained in TASSO Instituut, Netherlands, California Hypnosis Institute India and IARRT – International Association for Regression Research & Therapies, INC.)

Certified in "Akashik Records" by Dr.Joseph Costa, ( Institure of Thought, San Deigo,  USA ( March 15 to 17, 2006)

 Certified In "Life Between Life Therapy "- Chakra Cleansing, Releasing Vows and Oaths from Past Lives in the Energy Vortex (Oct 2006, Lucy Baker, Australia)

136 hours Professional Training in Spirit Release Therapy:

Introduction to Spirit Release Therapy. 8 hours, Tasso Instittut, Netherlands, Oct.2007

Attachment & Entity Release Therapist (24 hours, Oct. 2007 -TASSO Instituut, Netherlands, accredited by www.ibrt.org)

Therapist in Birth & Pre-Natal Traumas, Life Planning & Preparation, Core Issue Transformation (32 hours, March 2008), (TASSO Instituut, Netherlands accredited by International Board Of

Regression Therapy & European Association of Regression)

Advanced Training in Spiritual Hypnotist Certified Practitioner (California Hypnosis Institute,2005)

Professional Training in “Talking to The Subconscious Mind – Understanding Curses, spells and Black Magic “(TASSO INSTITUUT, Netherlands,2008)

400 hours Training in Energy Healing:

200 hours Training in Mindfulness,Professional  Psychic Reading, Conversation with Spirit Guides,   Astral Travel and Shamanism.

3rd Level Training in Pranik Healing -40 hours- ( New Delhi, India 2006)

80 hours Theta Healing - ‘Advanced DNA 2 Theta Healing: Techniques & Processes (Vianna Stibel’s Institute, USA, 2007).

REIKI GRANDMASTER - 4 levels -Reiki Training -40 Hours - (Ms. Sujatha Murali – Healing Centre, Muscat, Ms. Lucy Baker, Australia 2007)

 32 Hours Training in Craneo Sacral Balancing (New Delhi, India

 8 Hours Training In Kaya Kalp Course (New Delhi, India )



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